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Welcome to Upp Therapy

A Welcome Message from Richard Reid, our CEO and Co-founder:

I am a firm believer in the power of therapy and psychology in general. One of my biggest drivers is to make therapy as relevant and accessible for all sections of the community. Hence the birth of Upp Therapy.

Many people either cannot afford the cost of traditional face-to-face therapy or are simply unable to access it due to busy schedules, physical restrictions or geographical remoteness. Upp Therapy is all about providing affordable therapy at a time and a place to suit you.

An increasing body of research clearly shows that video therapy is just as effective as the traditional form of face-to-face therapy.

Whilst we are certainly experts in our field, we definitely don’t claim to have all the answers or to know you inside out (at least not to begin with anyway!); that’s why we always work in close partnership with you, so that we can apply our expertise in a way that most closely matches your personality, situation and preferences.

Our therapy is intended to be delivered to suit your lifestyle and in a language that you can relate to – so no psychobabble or heavy jargon!! It’s also aimed at being pragmatic and practical; meaning that you can learn transformative strategies that not only help you to move on from your immediate issues far more quickly than most conventional forms of therapy, but that also equip you with transferrable skills for life.

So we welcome you to Upp Therapy. We are here for You.

Start with our Questionnaire to find out how we can help you.

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