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The support your people need


As part of our wraparound offer to blue-chip organisations, we offer a managed counselling referral service that enables you to outsource world-class psychological support for your employees, whilst ensuring it firmly aligns with your organisation’s sickness and performance management programmes.


If you are encountering issues like long-term absence, adjustment or behavioural problems, then we can help, by assessing employees who might be presenting with these problems and need help. You can contact us directly to set up an appointment on their behalf.


We can offer you bespoke packages that include clinical assessments, regular progress updates and end-of-therapy reports. These allow you to monitor their progress and make reasonable adjustments to the working environment if they need them. Working with us means that your people will always receive tailored psychological support, with minimal disruption to day-to-day business.

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We also offer a variety of psychological assessments, which provide a detailed analysis of an employee’s psychological condition or risk profile. These include:


• Capability assessments
• Return to work action plans
• Psychological risk assessments & Profiling
• Pre-treatment Assessments
• Wellbeing MOTs

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